Rails is
omakase 🔪🍱

But what if you have allergies 🤧?
(to a spring 🧵 in your soba 🍜, perhaps?)
Fret not, purveyor of fine apps 📲
for you are in good hands 🤲🏼!

railsnew.io: the simplest way to generate a new Rails app with (or without!) all the bells and whistles.

    rails new my_awesome_app 

Choose Your Base

Time to Start Cooking!

Tweak omakase, use API mode, or start with a blank canvas and pick what you need!

  • Omakase
    Omakase is fine, but... (customize below)
  • API Mode
    Doing the heavy lifting on the client side!
  • The Early Days
    Somewhere between the two, circa 2007
  • The Minimalist

Add Extra Ingredients (powered by railsbytes.com)

Frontend Framework Menu 🖼️

Optional: Mix in a frontend framework for extra zest

  • None
  • Stimulus.js
    A modest JavaScript framework for the HTML you already have.
  • Stimulus.js + Stimulus Reflex
    Craft modern, reactive web interfaces

CSS Framework Menu 🎨

Optional: Add a CSS framework - present in style!

  • None
  • TailwindCSS
    A utility-first CSS framework for rapidly building custom designs
  • Bootstrap
    Quickly design and customize responsive mobile-first sites

Testing Framework Menu 🔬

Optional: Minitest or RSpec, that is the Question

  • Minitest
    The default testing framework
  • RSpec
    The non-default testing framework used by (almost) everyone

Customize A'la Carte

Our Database Menu 🗄️

More than a toy app? Pick a heavy-duty tool!

  • SQLite
    The current default. Recommended by @librarycongress for archival!
  • Postgres
    The real default. No-brainer if you ever plan to leave development.
  • MySQL
    The original default. It's fine, but Postgres is finer!

Guest Favorites 🌶️

The raison d'être of our humble establishment.

  • Add spring?
    Rails application preloader
  • Add listen?
    Listens to file modifications and notifies you about the changes
  • Add bootsnap?
    Boot large Ruby/Rails apps faster

Starters 🥗

Stuff to create/skip during initial setup

  • Create Gemfile?
    Create/skip Gemfile
  • Create .gitignore?
    Create/skip .gitignore file
  • Create .keep files?
    Create/skip git .keep files in empty directories
  • Run `bundle install`?
    Run (or don't) `bundle install` after generating Gemfile
  • Create Puma config files (skip if using a different app server)?
    Skip Puma-related files

Mains 🍗

The meat of your setup. Some of us are on a fancy diet, though - or vegans 🥑, even!

  • Use ActionText?
    ActionText: Rich text content and editing
  • Use ActiveRecord?
    ActiveRecord: The default ORM
  • Use ActiveStorage?
    ActiveStorage: attach files to your ActiveRecord models
  • Use ActionCable?
    ActionCable: The power of WebSockets, here and now!

Email me Maybe (#not) 📨

The best way to inbox zero: not sending or receiving any email!

  • Use ActionMailer?
    ActionMailer: Send emails from your application using mailer classes and views
  • Use ActionMailbox?
    ActionMailbox: Routes incoming emails to controller-like mailboxes

Le Frontend 🖼️

Tasty bits from the Front of the House

  • Use Sprockets?
    Sprockets: Rack-based asset packaging system
  • Use Javascript?
    Add/Skip JavaScript files and config (Webpacker/Turbolinks)
  • Use Turbolinks?
    Turbolinks makes navigating your web application faster
  • Use Webpacker?
    Sensible defaults for great OTB Webpack experience
  • Use Yarn?
    Yarn: Fast, reliable, and secure dependency management

Testing 🔬

MiniSpec or RSpec, that is the real question!

  • Use Minitest?
    Add/Skip test files
  • Use System Tests?
    Add/Skip system test files

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