There’s no shortage of confused/frustrated/angry tweets, forum messages, and WTFs about creating a new Rails app from scratch.

And that's just what I gathered in a couple of minutes, following a quick 'rails new' twitter search 😅.

It’s one of the most popular threads (second, at the time of writing) in the 2020’s “May of WTFs”

Even DHH weighed in on the subject:

The same command that used to be every Rails dev’s favorite has become a source of angst and developer fatigue. How did we get here, and more importantly, how should we fix it?

It might seem like a trivial issue (‘just slap on an extra parameter —-minimal’) so why the fuss?

Well, if you start thinking about a generic solution that would benefit the community at large (newbies and veterans alike), you’ll soon realize that it’s necessarily going to be surprisingly complex and nuanced:

1) it’s difficult to agree even on the most basic terms. ‘simplistic’, ‘everyday’, ‘circa-2007’, ‘used for most apps’ means something else for everyone.

2) even once that’s clarified, there's plenty of implementational complexity. Command line flags (which? how many? how should they work?) or interactive mode (choosing the bits and pieces that should be generated) or something else?

railsnew.io falls into the ‘something else’ category: it’s a web app to generate the command line. Once it’s generated, you just need to copy'n'paste and run it. No need for further customization, extra flags or interactive mode: the generated command line captures everything you want your app to be.

It might sound backwards to visit a webpage in order to accomplish an inherently command line-based task, so here are some benefits to consider:

1. Avoiding 'buying a latte in a hipster coffee shop' syndrome: sometimes you just want a latte, and you don't know/care what to pick exactly: 0.5%/1%/2%/3% milk? soy/almond/rice/tapioca/buffalo/yak? bio/organic/vegan/fair trade? hazelnut/toffee/organic pine nut/red-velvet-sorbet syrup? half-caff, doppio, poured over brewed coffee, dipped, iced, stirred but not shaken? JUST GIVE ME MY FUCKING LATTE ALREADY. Please?!
But the questions just keep coming relentlessly! This is fine if you are a coffee aficionado, but if you are ordering your first latte, you might want to take your time and understand your options.

2. Verifying your setup. Follow detailed instructions to feel confident that the railsbytes you added (Stimulus, Strimulus Reflex, Tailwind, Bootstrap etc.) work by generating a controller and checking the view (using the generated stuff). The instructions are tailored to the stack you just set up!

3. Storing and re-using your favorite `rails new` command lines (COMING SOON). Perhaps minimalistic (whatever that means to YOU), stimulus-enabled or omakase BUT (postgres, rspec, no emails - you get the idea). Set up once, use anytime in the future!

4. Describing how each flag works / Linking to documentation / Displaying what files would be added or changed (with diffs) etc. (COMING SOON)

5. And more - get in touch and let us know what else would you find useful!

If it sounds interesting, check out the live demo and give it a spin!

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